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Defining Key Performance Indicators in Regulated Industry Maintenance

Maintenance, as a function, is an area in the FDA-ruled manufacturing world in which the task of  measuring performance at all, let alone Key Performance Indicators, has too often been misunderstood or ignored. In the evolving world of Reliability and...

Calculating MTBF

Calculating MTBF can be fairly simple or really complex. We’ve included links to some resources, including definitions, downloadable Excel calculators, and online calculators. Some are simpler to use than others. But that’s not surprising. Different experts describe...

Building a Business Case for Your Maintenance Training Program

Building a business case for your maintenance training program isn’t difficult, but it does require you to take a variety of issues into consideration,, such as scope, your internal company culture, and budget, just to name a few.

Five Must-Have Soft Skills to Look for When Hiring Maintenance Technicians and Maintenance Engineers

When you're interviewing to hire maintenance technicians or maintenance engineers, look for these five must-have soft skills. Resumés often list the hard skills acquired over the years: pump repair, electrical, plumbing, and so on. But not many resumes describe soft...

You’ll Be Glad You Included These In Your Maintenance Shutdown Plan

If you’re not experienced in regulated manufacturing companies or classic project management there may be issues “hiding in the weeds” that can make or break your shutdown.

Building the Plant Maintenance Shutdown Plan

A plant maintenance shutdown project in a regulated industry is a different animal than the typical product or service-oriented project model. It is of relatively short duration but often has as many or more components to it, including…

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